The Alfa Tanker history began in July 2010, headed by Mr. Ferran Cortázar, a well achieved Senior broker with - at that time - over 18 years of experience in tanker chartering and 21 years in the maritime sector overall. The idea was to create within the ALFASHIP group a company that would provide a larger and more complete frame of activities within their scope of services.

Alfa Tanker is specifically and exclusively dedicated to the chartering of liquid cargoes, a specificity that generates a unique and high degree of experience and know-how in edible oils and chemicals chartering (Alfa Tanker became member of FOSFA back in 2012).

The company structure was soon enhanced by incorporating skilled new members to its reduced initial team, ship agencies or owning maritime sector background and has successfully met all expectations, thanks to the self- demanding attitude geared towards the client’s satisfaction and confidence.

Alfa Tanker is proud of its intense itinerary up to now and thankful to all those who have made it possible and looking forward to a successful future.

Alfa Tanker Chartering, innovating in creating new trends.

Ferran Cortázar
Ferran Cortázar - Chartering manager
Chartering Manager
T. +34 935677716
M. +34 669436818
ICE Id: fcortazar
Elena Volska
Elena Volska - Chartering
T. +34 935677703
M. +34 673987537
ICE Id: evolska
Dagmara Miotk
Dagmara Miotk - Chartering
T. +34 935677703
M. +34 699830430
ICE Id: dmiotk

Josep Roca
Josep Roca - Post-fixing Ops Manager
Post-fixing Ops Manager
T. +34 935677700
M. +34 600443237
ICE Id: jroca
Mª José Romero
Mª José Romero - Post-fixing
T. +34 935677705
M. +34 610254496
ICE Id: mjromero
Baytu Altuntas
Baytu Altuntas - Post-fixing
T. +34 935677705
M. +34 667359774
Skype Id: baytualtuntas_1
Laura Cortázar
Laura Cortázar - Post-fixing / Demurrage
Post-fixing / Demurrage
T. +34 935677706
M. +34 608135426
ICE Id: lcortazar
Ester Argemí
Ester Argemí - Accountings
T. +34 935677708


Alfa Tanker in the Newspaper
La Razón 12.12.13

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